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Bachelor of Technology is an undergraduate academic degree conferred after completion of a three or four year program of studies at an accredited university or accredited university-level institution. The common abbreviation for Bachelor of Technology is B.Tech. The degree is conferred in the Commonwealth of Nations, Republic of Ireland, the United States, South Africa and elsewhere.

In general, the degree is awarded to those who have undertaken a Bachelor of Science degree program which is additionally supplemented by either occupational placements (e.g., supervised practica or internships) or practice-based classroom courses. Due to these requirements, the degree normally takes at least four years. In Pakistan B-Tech Are Main Degree

In some countries the degree is awarded following completion of a curriculum which is career oriented, emphasizing practice as opposed to theory. Here, by contrast, occupational placements and practice-based courses are more heavily weighted within the program.

In Pakistan: Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) Honors degree is a four year undergraduate degree program, including field training and course completion of two years each. The prerequisite for this program is a three year Diploma of Associate Engineer in specific fields e.g. Electrical, Mechanical or Civil Engineering etc. B.Tech Honors four years degree awarded by HEC accredited Universities is considered at par and compatible with B.Sc.Engineering from other Institutions/Universities in Pakistan held on November 25,1981. As per Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) amendment of Pakistan Engineering Council act 1976; Pakistan engineering council will continue to accredit and register B.Tech degree holders as registered engineers and further as professional engineers.

In this blog we will talk about the different Topics,  Ideas, Knowledge, Inventions, Technologies and much much more so join us and chat with us and create a very good community of great knowledge seekers.


Regards From: Adeel Haider


12 Responses to “B-Tech”

  1. Waqar Taqi Says:

    Dear Adeel,

    Em very glad to c your efforts towards electrical engineering. there are many informative thing you have shared with all the the viewers. Go ahad and good luck my all best wishes are with you.

    Best regards,
    Waqar Taqi

  2. Waqar Taqi Says:

    Dear Adeel,

    Em very glad to c your efforts towards electrical engineering. there are many informative thing you have shared with all the viewers. Go ahead and good luck my all best wishes are with you.

    Best regards,
    Waqar Taqi

  3. umar saleem Says:

    i am looking for b.tech pass electrical syllabus.

  4. Muhammad Shahid Says:

    Hi All,

    I would like to appritiate the efforts of Mr. Adeel and I hope that PEC will approve this four years degree equivalent to BSC Engineering. Mostly peoples who completed B.Tech(Hons) are working in well reputed companies in Pakistan and other countries on good positions.

    Best Regards,

    Muhammad Shahid

  5. muhhamad waqas Says:


    1. Muhammad Waqar Says:

      Dear Muhammad Waqas you love B-Tech (hons) hahah I am B-Tech (hons). In which technology you have done? Anyone who is B-Tech can contact me via email at m.wrj@msn.com. Please email me, I will forward an email to you who is makeing effort as well for the accreditation of B-Tech Engineers. Please fill the form and be a member of Pak B-Tech Engrs Community. Thanks!

  6. babar shah Says:

    adeel i like ur efforts you are doing a good job in technology

  7. zakir Says:

    I have DAE electrical and have 2 year experience .i wish to take admission in B.tech(pass).please help me to take a admission.

  8. Riaz Feroze Says:

    Dear All
    AOA,Always try for review of B.tech syllabus after a Specific time period(3 or 4 Years) and make it as per international standards having 3 to 4 year Institutional study than industrial internship.If we achieve it than no need to ask for equilency with BSc Engg.We will achieve it automatically,But try for : Pkistan Technology Council: for B.tech Engineers only.
    Riaz Feroze

  9. raja naqash tariq Says:

    b-tech should be equvalat to b.sc engneering because both sllabus are same beside that b-tech digree holders are 7 years
    in his field.

  10. plz u can join this page on facebook which is also in favour of b tech we r struggling and want ur help

  11. waheed ul zamani Says:

    waheed ul zamani

    b tech 4 year is great than bsc or bs
    b tech student study 7 year in own technalogy
    while the bsc eng study 4 year what concept creat bsc eng
    to call pec b tech 4 year = b s c eng

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